Feb 29 2012

chef’s tasting menu

















We love the opportunity to really turn up the volume creatively here at elements.  Read about what we did for a group of some of our most adventurous diners on their most recent chef’s tasting menu experience.

read about their experience 

Feb 6 2012

elements on TV


MCTV, the local television channel  from Mercer County Community College, was nice enough to have us on their cooking show, “Dish It Out” around the end of 2011. Actually, they had us on not just once, but twice. We’re not sure when they aired, but the students at MCTV are nice enough  to put all the episodes of their show on YouTube so everyone can catch the episodes with their favorite local chefs. Now we’re passing it onto you.


First here is me, the butcher and baker, showing the hosts how we make the burger that won the local Burgermania burger competition. Or should I say, how we made, since we’ve already got a few new tricks up our sleeves for this year’s competition. Gotta keep the people on their toes.

And here are Scott (chef) and Mike Mike (sous chef) preparing hamachi tartare, steak tartare, and finally a cooked dish of pork with “curds and whey”.



We all had a good time, and are grateful to Dish It Out for having us on their show. Maybe we’ll see them again soon!