Pasta, bread, and a tropical storm


Making cavatelli while stranded at home (thanks to tropical storm Hannah) with a newly purchased cavatelli machine. Scott and I were introduced to this machine while making pasta a few weeks ago with a friends very Italian mother. She was kind enough to show us her pasta recipe and technique for: orecchiette, cavatelli, fusilli and focaccia. We needed a translator for the whole process, it was a really fun experience (thanks to Sal, Beth and especially Nonna).

Scott and I searched for a long while for this exact machine, we wound up finding it the Italian ebay. Can’t wait to use it at Elements.

Here is the box if anyone is interested in searching for one. I believe the company that produces the machine is called Rotex.

Making orecchiette at my house. This is one of the most tedious pastas I have ever made. To do this for a restaurant would be very time consuming.

Finished product.

Scott making focaccia while being stranded at his house today.

Scott’s focaccia, with jalapenos and tomatoes from his garden.

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